Application and Different Types of Commercial Concrete Works

Application and Different Types of Commercial Concrete Works

The type of concrete work you need for your construction depends on the project at hand. The demands that come along with the type of concrete used in a commercial project are different from the ones in residential projects. They may differ in terms of stability and vigor. For example, the type of concrete that is used in restaurants is not the same as the one in a warehouse.

This article contains a variety of concrete works that are suitable for commercial concrete work.

1.     Normal Concrete in Concrete Construction

Also known as Normal Weight or Normal Strength concrete this is the most famous type of concrete works in the industry. It possesses fair strength that makes it suitable in constructing walls, buildings, and skyscrapers. In the preparation process, regular cement is mixed with water and aggregates. Examples of aggregates used in the process are sand and stones.

Later the mixture is allowed to settle for at least more than one and a half hours. The duration depends on the mixing and elements found in the cement used. One thing that makes this concrete very common in both formwork and concrete construction is its innumerable applications. However, the only flaw it has is that it’s very difficult to decorate. It is also not suitable in an area where the weather is severe.

Application and Different Types of Commercial Concrete Works

2.     High-strength Concrete for Concrete Construction

Second, on the list is the high-strength concrete. This type of concrete is perfect in commercial areas where heavier loads are expected. Unlike in the preparation process in Normal Concrete, here the ratio of water to cement is lower.  The aggregate used is of a higher quality and also some admixtures are added to make the concrete mixture even stronger. Get more useful information about concreting services on

For the mixture to come out perfectly to has to settle for a longer time than the Normal Concrete. This type of concrete work is majorly applied in formwork or concrete constructions like bridges, foundations, and shears. It is advantageous in terms of durability and stability.   The only shortcoming that it has is that it requires mastery to achieve a perfect concrete mix.

3.     The High-Performance Concrete in Concrete Construction

High-performance concrete has many characteristics like the ones found in high-strength concrete. This type of concrete work is highly applicable in the formwork construction of large pillars, warehouses, and facades.

The difference in this type of concrete, when compared to the high-strengthened one, is that in terms of sturdiness, this one is way stronger. In terms of durability, high-performance concrete lasts longer than high-strengthened concrete. Just the same way high-strength concrete needs a professional in the mixing process so does the high-performance formwork contractors sydney. 


The list cannot be complete with the mention of the newest type of concrete work in formwork and concrete construction. Air-entrained Concrete is the most recent; however, it is applicable for special uses. This is because unlike the other concrete works above, this one is less durable and less sturdy. This is because of the admixtures element that is included in the mixture that makes traps the air inside the concrete. You need to know the type of concrete work that suits your project. This will be very beneficial in crucial things like the safety of the people around and the maintenance cost.